Terms and Conditions

The ticket purchaser and ticket seller are responsibility to be informed of the terms and conditions of purchase, entrance requirements, inspection, working regulations, commercial usage, etc.

Infringement of these terms, conditions and regulations may result in refusal of entry, expulsion and/or compensation claims.

Ticket prices for international fixtures are available at fsf.fo.

Reimbursements of ticket are refunded at face value, excluding possible processing or other fees. The ticket may be resold at face value or less. Tickets sold at more than face value are considered black market trading. Black market trading will be reported to the police.

Spectator Quotient:
The spectator quotient for international fixtures is divided between the sections allocated to home supporters (normally 90% of the stadium capacity) and the sections allocated to spectators of the visiting team (usually up to 10% of the stadium capacity). It is the responsibility of the purchaser and holder of the ticket to purchase a ticket in the section allocated to the supporters of the national team, which the purchaser or holder supports.

Tickets Lost:
Only spectators with a valid ticket will be permitted entrance. Tickets lost are not refunded or replaced.

Final Arrival Time is 30 Minutes Prior to Kick Off:
FSF guarantees entrance in time for kick-off for spectators who have queued at the proper entrance at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off.

All spectators are inspected at entrance. Entrance is only admitted upon inspection by security staff. The duration of inspection usually depends on apparel and season.

Entrance and Stay:
The ticket gives admission to the entrance, service and spectator section, which is identified on the ticket. Attempts to gain entrance to other areas may result in expulsion from the stadium.

Alcohol and drugs may not be brought to or consumed at the stadium.

Being inebriated or otherwise under the influence of drugs places both the individual and other spectators at risk. Inebriated and other spectators under the influence of drugs will be denied entrance or expelled after gaining entrance to the stadium.

Conduct Regulations:
Spectators are submitted to FSF’s and the stadium’s regulations for conduct as well as regulations stipulated by local authorities or the police.

Items Prohibited:
- thermos
- bottles and cans
- sharp objects
- compression horns and flares
- large video cameras and cameras
- any type of weapons, weapon-like objects, or objects that can be used as weapons
- fireworks or pyrotechnics of any type may neither be brought to the stadium nor lighted.

Other objects that may be deemed to cause harm will be evaluated by security personnel.

Entrance, in any way possible, to the playing field is prohibited. Breach of FSF’s or the stadium’s regulations may result in expulsion from the stadium and compensation claims.

Refusal of Entry and Expulsion:
Violation of the terms and conditions of purchase may result in refusal of entry or expulsion from the stadium.

Parties managing FSF’s events, security staff and police have the right to refuse and expel spectators, who do no abide by the conditions stated above.

Spectators who are refused entry or are expelled from the stadium do not have the right to get their tickets refunded or receive compensation for any other cost directly or indirectly related to the event or episode.

Compensation Claims:
Violation of these terms and conditions may result in refusal of entry, expulsion and/or compensation claims.

FSF will make compensation claims against individuals or groups that are the cause of fines and/or of anticipated loss of revenue related to a ban against playing one or more fixtures at Tórsvøllur or other stadiums.

International matches are played and completed as arranged in the stipulations of the Laws of the Game.

FSF claims no responsibility, including compensations claims of any kind, for the interruption or cancellation of matches in accordance with the Laws of the Game and the regulations for the tournament as defined by the tournament’s organiser. For further information, please contact the organiser: Faroe Islands Football Association (Fótbóltssamband Føroya), Gundadalur, FO-100 Tórshavn. E-mail: fsf@fsf.fo

Competitions and Marketing:
Tickets may not be used as prices or for other commercial purposes without prior written consent from FSF.

The use of tickets to FSF’s international matches for commercial purposes is in contractual terms reserved for FSF’s sponsors.




Kappingar og úrslit (menn)


Kappingar og úrslit (kvinnur)


Útbúgvingar og tiltøk




Menn A


Betri Deildin (m.)


Betri Deildin (kv.)






Menn U21


1. deild


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Dreingir U19


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Old Girls






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Kvinnur A


Old Boys +45


Gentur U15 - 1/1 vøll




Lógir og reglur


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FSF Álmanakkin 2019




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Gentur U11


Túnabóltur / Street Soccer


FSF Búðin


Landsliðsskráin 2019


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Gentur U9


WU17 Qualifying Round






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