The Faroe Islands National Team

The Faroese Football Association has been a member of FIFA since 1988 and a member of UEFA since 1990. The memberships naturally meant that the national team could compete in the qualification rounds for the European and the World Championships.

In 1990 the Faroe Islands were drawn in qualifying group 4 for the European Championship that was to be held in Sweden in 1992. The other teams were Yugoslavia, Austria, Denmark and Northern Ireland.

Not many gave the Faroese team a chance of getting a good result in this group. For one the team had only amateurs in the squad and it was also made clear by UEFA that all the home games had to be played on neutral ground. This was simply because UEFA did not allow games to be played on gravel or artificial grass, which were the only forms of pitches in the Faroe Islands back then.
Therefore all the home matches would be played in Landskrona in Sweden.

But despite all odds packed against them, the national team of the Faroe Islands made their entry in European football in glamour. They won the first game against Austria on the 12th of September in 1990. The final score was 1-0. Torkil Nielsen a salesman for his local builders’ company scored the goal. This was in many ways a result that put the Faroe Islands, not only as footballers, but as a nation as whole, on the world map.

The same team got another good result in the same qualifying tournament, when they in 1991 drew 1-1 against Northern Ireland in Belfast.

Since then the Faroese national team has competed in every qualifier for the European and the World championship. Since 1992 all the home games have been played in the Faroe Islands at either Toftir Stadium (built in 1991) or Tórsvøllur Stadium (built in 2000). Both stadiums have today changed their natural grass to artificial grass which is approved by UEFA for international games.

All the Faroese national teams




Kappingar og úrslit (menn)


Kappingar og úrslit (kvinnur)


Útbúgvingar og tiltøk




Menn A


Betri Deildin (m.)


Betri Deildin (kv.)






Menn U21


1. deild


2. deild






Dreingir U19


2. deild








Dreingir U17


3. deild


Old Girls






Dreingir U15




Gentur U18






Kvinnur A


Old Boys +45


Gentur U15 - 1/1 vøll




Lógir og reglur


Gentur U19


Old Boys +35


Gentur U15 - 1/2 vøll






Gentur U17




Gentur U13


FSF Álmanakkin 2019




Gentur U15


Dreingir U17


Gentur U11


Túnabóltur / Street Soccer


FSF Búðin


Landsliðsskráin 2019


Dreingir U15


Gentur U9


WU17 Qualifying Round






Dreingir U13


Gentur U7




Dreingir U11


Dreingir U9


Dreingir U8


Dreingir U7